Instructions - The 42 Degrees Company | Self Heating Cans
You can help support the efforts in Ukraine!
Together with our partners in Ukraine, Ukrainian Patriot, we are donating our self-heating soups and chocolate to all refugees and people on the the front lines to give them a hot meal at any time. Visit Ukrainian Patriot and learn how you can help support the efforts!
How Do Self-Heating Cans Work?
1. Flip & Open The Bottom Lid
step 1
step 2
2. Press Firmly Until The Blue Liquid Disappears
step 3
3. Wait For Steam To Appear (±15 Seconds)
4. Flip The Can 180° Immediately When Steam Appears
step 4
step 5
5. Stir For 5 Seconds & Wait 3 Minutes
step 6
6. Open & Enjoy Your Satisfying Break
Instructions On Each Self-Heating Can
Find the instructions on the label or scan the QR code to watch the instruction videos on your devices.
Our Testimonials
"Innovative way to drink my hot chocolate warm anywhere!"
Ignacio M.
"In addition to being delicious drinks, 42's self-heating cans are the first innovative drinks I've had. The fact that the drink warms up on its own is great especially on long hikes or after a surf session. Finally an innovative drink!"
Jaafar C.
"The hot chocolate was really good. I'll definitely take it on a skiing trip to have in my bag"
Thomas M.